The Many Expressions of Saucy Dog

Saucy Dog atop Monroe

Atop Monroe
Saucy Dog atop Osceola

Atop Osceola
   Saucy Dog with Mushroom

With an enormous mushroom found on the northwest slopes of North Kinsman

Saucy Dog in the Bushes

In the bushes on the northeast ridge of East Osceola

Saucy Dog amongst the Rock

Amongst the rock of the southwest ridge of Monroe

Saucy Dog on Northeast Ridge of Osceola

On the northeast ridge of Osceola

Saucy Dog on Cog Railroad Tracks

On the Cog Railroad track leading up to the summit of Mt. Washington.

Saucy Dog Eating Baked Goods at Mitzpah Hut

In the mornings, the huts offer all you can eat baked goods for a pittance.  Sometimes Saucy Dog just cannot get enough.


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