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The Dog Team Bios-2003

Written by The Dog Team

Rad Dog

Rad Dog-P.J. Keizer, Radiologist
Rad Dog is Cave Dog's older brother.  They come from a close family of five kids based in Coos Bay, Oregon.  Day hikes, skiing, and travel are some of the favorite pastimes for the Keizer household.  Their parents gave them an appreciation for the exploration of different regions and cultures at an early age.  In addition, when Sea Dog was a small boy,  Rad Dog taught him how to swim.

After graduating from Marshfield High School in Coos Bay, Oregon, in 1979, Rad Dog went on to earn a BS degree from Notre Dame, in 1983.  He continued his education with a Masters in Radiation Health at Oregon State in 1986.  After working for several years in safety programs at nuclear plants, Rad Dog received his doctorate in medicine at St. Louis University School of Medicine, in 1994. He did his residency training in radiology at UMKC, finishing in 1998. Cave Dog joined up with Rad Dog in Kansas City in order to get some high volume inner city EMT experience at MAST ambulance service.  Currently, Rad Dog is a radiologist at Bay Area Hospital in Coos Bay, Oregon.

Rad Dog is a veteran from the 14er, Adirondack, Catskill, and Southern Appalachian Dog Teams.  During the Mighty Mountain Megamarathon(M 4), Rad Dog was in charge of all medical needs.  He was also the primary driver of the Kennel.  Rad Dog put the chaotic financial accounting to some order.  In addition, he took charge of vehicle maintenance of the four vehicles and the videography.

During the Marshall Mountain Madness Ultramarathon(M3 ) and the Crazed Catskills Ultramarathon(C2), Rad Dog was in charge of all medical needs and videography and also help out with the hiking support.

During the South Beyond Insanity Ultramarathon(SBI), Rad Dog helped out with hiking and car support and was once again incharge of all medical needs and videography.

Before The 2003 Long Trail challenge, Rad Dog came to Vermont a week and half early and helped out Cave Dog in his training and scouting of The Long Trail.  During the challenge, he gave undying support from the field and tended all medical needs.  He also hiked with Cave Dog on the last strech.
Rus Dog

Rus Dog-Elena Belyaeva (Елена Беляева), Graduate Student

Burns Dog

Burns Dog-Eric Freeman
Burns Dog grew up in Severna Park, Maryland.  After graduating from Severn School, in 1990, he attended Brown University.  Burns Dog and Cave Dog were placed in the same freshman unit, Unit 7.  Together with the other guys at the end of the hall, Burns Dog and Cave Dog created an incredible friendship.  This group of friends, at times, seeming inseparable, continued to live as roommates for the entire four years at college.  This diverse group was always goofing around and learned an incredible amount from each other.  After college, Burns Dog earned his Doctorate in Mathematics from the University of Michigan in 1999.  Since that time, he has been doing postdoctoral research in Number Theory at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Princeton, Carleton, San Franscico

Burns Dog was the relief driver during the M4challenge, which means he drove constantly.  He was in charge of navigating and spent some time figuring driving distances.  Burns Dog also became the main contact for the media.

Before the 2003 attempt of the LTR, Burns Dog came a few days earily and helped out with the enormous logistics that come with such an undertaking.  During the challenge, he provided backcountry support, helped at base camp, and hiked with Cave Dog during on the last day.
Lady Dog-Tanya Dix, High School Teacher

Lady Dog did not grow up in any particular place. She has lived in Utah, Queensland, Australia, Greeley, Colorado, and a short time in Oviedo, Spain.  In 1991, she moved to Myrtle Creek, Oregon.  After graduating from South Umpqua High School in Myrtle Creek, she went to Willamette University where she earned a degree in Philosophy.  It was at Willamette University that she met Good Dog, a very close friend of Cave Dog.  In 1997, Lady Dog and Good Dog got married.  In the fall of 1997, they moved to Philadelphia where Lady Dog did postgraduate studies in Classics at the University of Pennsylvania.  They currently live in Coos Bay, Oregon.  She has recently finished her Masters in Education from the University of Oregon.  She has plans to teach high school English.

In the intervening years, Cave Dog has gotten to know Lady Dog not just through Good Dog but as friends in their own right.   Good Dog and Lady Dog have always extended an open home to Cave Dog in his frequent visits to Oregon and they have done many interesting excursions together.

In 2000, Lady Dog joined The Dog Team in their record breaking challenge of the M4.  She was in charge of the website design and updates.  She was also the primary driver of the backup four wheel drive vehicle.  In addition, she helped Scurv E. Dawg with making sure that nothing was amiss with Cave Dog's pack.

During the M3, she was the base camp manager and spokesperson for the media.  She organized the support teams and kept track of the overall project.  She kept particular care to make sure everyone had plenty of food and drinks.  Everyone has Lady Dog to thank for working hard to keep the website updated as soon as information came out from the field.

During the C2, Lady Dog helped D Dog as cobase camp managers.  She was in charge of the website updates, answered the phones, compiled and recored times, and helped out with the cooking.

During the SBI, Lady Dog was the base camp manager.  She updated the website, organized the chaotic inflow and outflow of Dog Team members coming and going from hiking and car support, and cooked up some delicious trail food.

During the 2003 attempt of the LTR, Lady Dog was once again in charge of base camp.  She updated the website, assigned people support locations, and moved the base camp from Bolton to Stratton.

Good Dog

Good Dog-Jason Goodson, Middle School Teacher
As Good Dog grew up he always had a fascination with the outdoors and working with people.  His interests resulted in the maturation of a young man who liked to go backpacking all around the western portions of the United States.  During middle school, high school, and college, Good Dog discovered two of his best friends.  Those two people are Cave Dog and Sea Dog.  When called, Good Dog perked up his ears, and leapt at the opportunity to support Cave Dog in his efforts to break the Adirondacks record of climbing the 46 peaks over 4,000 feet and again in the Southern Apppalachians. 

Good Dog continues to appreciate the outdoors and currently lives in, and teaches near, Cave Dog and his hometown of Coos Bay, Oregon. Subjects such as Language Arts and Computer Science are the disciplines that Good Dog offers for his middle school students to investigate.  Curious inquiry into these topics has created a web of knowledge and personal understanding for each student.  When educating our youth, or thinking about life, Good Dog tries to remember that one should never stop learning and wondering about the world that surrounds each and every one of us. 

During the Adirondack challenge, Good Dog was the navigator for the driving support.  He also was Cave Dog's massage therapist during and after the event.

During the SBI, Good Dog did some of the more remote hiking and car support.

During the 2003 LTR attempt, Good Dog supported Cave Dog in the backcountry.
Groove Dog

Groove Dog-Mike Guerette, Vagabond
Groove Dog is a Maine native and met Cave Dog, as well as other members of The Dog Team during a rare summer spent in Maine.  The place was Bar Harbor; the draw was guiding sea kayaking trips.  While working for the same operation in 2001, Groove Dog and Cave Dog found a shared enthusiasm for the outdoors, and enjoyed swapping stories of past experiences while becoming friends and temporary housemates.  Much like Cave Dog, Groove Dog has enjoyed an adventurous vagrant lifestyle.  Some of the highlights being: end to end hikes of the Appalachian Trail; Vermont's Long Trail; the Continental Divide Trail; and most recently, Ontario's Bruce Trail along the Niagara Escarpment.  After the Bruce Trail, Groove Dog buzzed right over to the Adirondacks to be a happy part of The Dog Team.  That following October, Cave and Groove Dogs padldled the 325 mile Maine Island Trail from Portland to Machias Bay.

During the M3 challenge, Groove Dog helped out with some of the more remote hiking support locations.  He also cooked up some of the best backcountry meals during the event.

During the 2003 LTR attempt, Groove Dog helped out by hiking with Cave Dog during the first night.  He also helped with some of the road crossings.
Night Dog

Night Dog-Ralph Ryndak, Production
Night Dog was born in Kingston N.Y., but in 1959, his family bought a summer home in the Catskills near the Burroughs Range.  His first hike was in 1964 up Wittenberg Mountain.  He fell in love with hiking at that point, and hikes at least twice a week.  He is a member of the Catskill 3500 Club and is a Adirondack 46er.  In fact, he has hiked all of the Catskill 35 four or five times.  He has worked for 29 years at a Military Aerospace company and lives in West Shokan near the base of the Burroughs Range.  He also enjoys down hill and cross country skiing, mountain biking, and backpacking.

During the C2, Night Dog hiked thourough out the night with Cave Dog and provided much needed support and company.

Living up to his specialty, Night Dog was essential to keeping Cave Dog going through particularly difficult night hikes during the 2003 Long Trail Record attempt.
Yankee Dog-Robert Williams, Mechanical Engineer
Yankee Dog grew up in Utica, NY.  After High School, he moved to the Boston area where he met Sheila, and they married in 1990.  In 1994, their daughter Shannon was born, and in 1998, their son Ryan.  Both children have been camping and hiking at a very early age.  He earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Umass Lowell and is employed by Analogic Corp, working on the design of Medical Imaging and Security Imaging equipment.

Because Yankee Dog works for a large Corporation and has a windowless office, he heads north almost every weekend for some mountain therapy.  He has climbed all of the New Hampshire 48 several times, including most in winter, and has done many of his favorites, Franconias, and Presidentials, between 10 to 20+ times.  Yankee Dog has also climbed peaks in Colorado, New Mexico, Tennessee, New York (1/4 of the Adirondack 46), Vermont, and Maine, including Katahdin 7 times.

Yankee Dog met Cave Dog by closely following the M3 Challenge.  He was so impressed with Cave Dog’s accomplishment that he emailed him asking if he had any plans for attempting the NH48 record.  They emailed each other for the next several weeks.  Then in midJuly, Cave Dog emailed him asking if he would like to join his support team for a record attempt in the second week of August.  Yankee Dog gladly accepted.

During the W2 Challenge, Yankee Dog helped out with finding base camp, with time projections and optimal support locations, and also with some of the more remote hiking support.

During the 2003 LTR attempt, Yankee Dog hiked with Cave Dog during the nights.

Adog-Richard Kelly, Retired Attorney
Adog and Base Dog live on Boulderwood in Lake Placid where the Adirondack base camp lean to is located.  They have been hiking the Adirondack 46 High Peaks recently completing their 46th, Mount Haystack.  They are now 46ers.

Base Dog is a nursing consultant and Adog, an attorney; and they are semiretired.  They have spent all seasons these past four years on the mountains and waters of the Adirondacks when not volunteering, gardening, playing tennis, partying, or traveling to visit one of their three children in New England, or going back to Long Island, to Canada, to Florida, or just about anywhere else.

Adog and Base Dog's home has been a regional base camp for both training and the Marshall Mountain Maddness Ultramarathon.  During the M3, they helped at base camp and with hiking support.

During the W2, Adog helped out with the driving support.

During the C2, Adog helped out with the driving support and hiked with Cave Dog during some of the road hikes.

During the 2003 LTR attempt, Adog partnered up with Gold Dog for some of the backcountry support.
Gold Dog

Gold Dog-Bill Stowe, Retired Rowing Coach
In 1977, Gold Dog summitted Washington's Mt. Rainier the first time he ever put on a backpack.  Since then he has led groups of Coast Guard Academy oarsmen up Mt. Washington, Katahdin, Marcy, and others in New England as a part of the program he coached.  He has also summitted Kilimanjaro.  But this unashamed selfconfessed peak bagger's greatest pride was becoming Adirondack 46'er number 4131.  Gold Dog lives in Lake Placid and the Adirondack High Peaks are his beloved mountains.

Perhaps Gold Dog's greatest athletic achievement was stroking the American Eight Man shell to a gold medal victory in the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo.  Gaining rowing experience at Kent School and Cornell University, Gold Dog joined Philadelphia's Vesper Boat Club after a 1963 Navy tour running the Officer's club in Saigon, Viet Nam.  The Vesper Club went on to upset the nation's college crew to become the last American boat to win the Olympics.  Gold Dog wrote the book All Together about this experience.

Gold Dog met Cave Dog last autumn during their scouting of the peaks.

During the M3 challenge, Gold Dog helping out with the hiking support and the media.

During the 2003 LTR attempt, Gold Dog partnered up with Adog for some of the backcountry support.
Wilbur the Dog

Lucky Dog-Paul Lavoie
After graduating from High School in 1969, Lucky Dog was drafted directly into the military during the Vietnam War campaign.  Following one year of technical training and obtaining a secret security clearance, he served two years traveling throughout Italy calibrating and maintaining mountain top microwave communication sites.  While in Italy, he attended the University of Maryland European Extension.  During his last year of military service, he worked as a Technical Lab Assistant in the Avionics Laboratory at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio, on remotely controlled devices, which developed into what we know today as the cruise missile.  During this time, he attended Wright State University.

Honorably discharged, Lucky Dog returned to school to receive an Associates Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Community College of Rhode Island, then known as Rhode Island Junior College.  He graduated with honors and was voted into Who’s Who by the faculty. 

His pursuit of the knowledge of life after graduating was characterized by short periods of employment in state-of-the-art high technology with Texas Instruments, Brown and Sharp, AT&T, New England Telephone, Cherry Semiconductor (a subsidiary of Cherry Electrical), CI Hayes et all while interspersed with long periods of self-indulgence into the search for the improvement of the mind and the human condition.

Two of his favorite jobs were with Cherry where he was responsible for maintaining the entire production facility for the high speed test of custom designed integrated circuit chips and with Hayes where he was a Field Service Representative for the costing, startup, training, and debugging of capital equipment at major manufacturing plants throughout the Eastern US.  One job included solving the process problems at the West Point US Mint facility for the production of US proof gold coins.

Between jobs he spent one thirty month stint living aboard and single-handed sailing his forty foot cutter in Narragansett Bay and a second of equal duration in solitude on a remote private island in a primitive cabin without electricity, telephone, radio, TV, indoor plumbing or services of any kind while fishing, gardening and food gathering to feed himself, cutting wood for heat and reading the classics with only bimonthly trips by small boat to town for dairy and eggs.

After emerging from the wilderness as a student of Positive Mental Attitude, Lucky Dog met Loretta and returned to the servitude of society.  He eventually found his way into his own small business.  He continues a life of study and the pursuit of freelance artist.  He dreams of peace in the world and if he cannot attain the Nobel Peace Prize, he will settle for working with the one who will.  He is currently writing his autobiography.  He met Cave Dog while Cave Dog was on a scouting hike if the Cater Moriah Range and Lucky Dog and his wife were climbing the 48 Four Thousand Footers.  You can learn more about him and how he met Cave Dog by visiting his personal web site at

During the 2003 attempt of the Long Trail Record, Luck Dog specialized in road support using his conversion van.
Ant Dog

Ant Dog-Anthony DiEmidio, Sixth Grade Teacher
Ant Dog grew up in New Castle, Delaware.  He graduated from the Universtiy of Delaware in 1993 and was awarded a Masters of Education from Williamington College in 1998.

In the intervening years, he went out west to visit a friend in Colorado for a couple weeks.  His friend went home while he ended up staying for two years.  While in Colorado, Ant Dog worked with Cave Dog at the Grand Butte Hotel in Mt. Crested Butte, which services the Crested Butte ski resort.  They joined the Mountain Rescue Team together.  The Team had trainings and meetings twice a week in Gunnison; so, Cave Dog stayed with Ant Dog during this time.  While in living in Colorado, Ant Dog lived a ski bums life of rock climbing, shownshoing, hiking, snowboarding, and hot spring hopping.

After his stint as a ski bum, Ant Dog returned back east to become a middle school teacher.  He has taught sixth grade at Clarendon Elementary School in Vermont.  He married his long time best friend Joanne in 2000, and they now have a son, Connor, who is nearly a year old.  Ant Dog enjoys living in mountain country and hopes to bring up his son as an avid hiker and snowboarder.

During the 2003 attempt of the Long Trail Record, Ant Dog gave much assistance with local knowledge of the southern region of Vermont.  He also helped out with the road crossing supports.
Wood Dog-John Eugair, Woodworker

AlpineSummit Dog-Bruce Anderson

Two Dog-Nancie Battaglia, Photographer
Two Dog's Dog

Sugar Dog

Sugar Dog-Ann Sulzer, Eighth Grade English Teacher
Sugar Dog grew up in New Jersey and went to college at Northwestern University, where she majored in English and got her secondary teaching certification.  After graduating from Northwestern in 1998, Sugar Dog went on to teach seventh and tenth grade writing and English at a private school in Boca Raton, Florida for two years.  For the past three years, Sugar Dog has been teaching eighth grade English at Polytechnic School in Pasadena, CA.  In addition to teaching, she is also the head of the middle school outdoor education program, coordinating trips to Big Bear, Joshua Tree, and Big Sur for the students.

Sugar Dog met Cave Dog through Silly and Chili Dogs while teaching in Pasadena.  As close friends of Cave Dog from Brown, they introduced Sugar Dog and Cave Dog, though they claim they had no intentions of matchmaking.  However, their introductions were successful, and Cave Dog and Sugar Dog have been as inseparable as Cave Dog's schedule will allow ever since.

During the South Beyond Insanity challenge, Sugar Dog compiled the Daily Log and helped Lady Dog maintain her sanity.  She also did hiking and car support along the trail.  Sugar Dog is Cave Dog's main supplier of cookies, love, and other necessities.

During the 2003 Long Trail attempt, Sugar Dog once again filled in wherever she was needed, doing both backcountry and road support.  She also helping out Lady Dog with the chaos of base camp and the move of base camp from Bolton to Stratton.

Cave Dog

Cave Dog-Ted E. Keizer, Bum

Cave Dog grew up in Coos Bay, Oregon.  He graduated from Brown University in 1994 with degrees in Geology Biology and Political Science.  While at Brown, he was elected Student Body President.  He was also voted by his class to lead their graduation procession.  After college, Cave Dog was tracked for a life in politics when he decided that he needed to experience life before he could write and vote on laws.  So, he set out to do his own study of society, people, and nature.  Since that time he has visited all of the states, all but two of them multiple times.  He has lived and worked in fourteen states, Indian country, the inner city, and the woods.  Hot air balloon pilot, hotel accountant, steel construction, shoveling snow off roofs, enumerator, moving man, high school teacher, and ambulance driver are just a few of the means of employment he has tried.  His only restriction is that he never does the same job twice.  Being an outdoor enthusiast from an early age, he has visited 145 National Park sites and hiked and climbed in 38 states.  In addition, he did a 31 day solo in Glacier Park, Montana, under winter conditions and paddled the 325 mile Maine Island Trail with Groove Dog.  He loves all forms of hiking from the peaks to the canyons, from the swamps to the desert, from the woods to the tundra.  Most of all he loves the wildlife and the wildflowers.

Cave Dog has also broken six records:  the Mighty Mountain Megamarathon(M 4 ) by climbing all of the Colorado 14ers in 10 days, 20 hours, 26 minutes; the Marshall Mountain Maddness Ultramarathon(M 3 ) by climbing all of the Adirondack 46 High Peaks in 3 days, 18 hours, 14 minutes; the Wild Whites Ultramarathon(W2) by climbing all of New Hampshire's 48 White Mountain Four Thousand Footers in 3 days, 17 hours, 21 minutes; the Crazed Catskills Ultramarathon by climbing all of the Catskill High Peaks(C2) in 2 days, 15 hours, 24 minutes; setting a course record for the Tennessee Barkley Marathons of 2 days, 8 hours, 57 minutes; and setting a record by climbing the Western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee 40 South Beyond 6,000 in 4 days, 23 hours, and 28 minutes.

During The 2003 Long Trail Record challenge, Cave Dog hiked, and that is all.

The Dog Pound

The Dog Pound-Base Camp, Bolton Valley Resort

Stratton Mountain

The Dog Pound 2-Southern Outpost, Stratton Mountain Resort

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