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The Dog Team is the name for Cave Dog's support crew.  Our tradition is that each member takes on a dog handle.  These nicknames were created to bond the group together by their very identity.  It also offered an opportunity to take a lighthearted approach to a very intense outdoor experience.  It has worked extremely well.  People have gotten into the theme so enthusiastically that a whole lexicon has developed around our endeavors.  Cave Dog no longer takes catnaps; he takes dognaps.  Our motorhome is called The Kennel.  We even have a team howl.  It has been a lot of fun, and the general public has taken a liking to it.  Many spectators have even asked if they could have dog names.

During these challenges, a competitor experiences some of the highest and the lowest moments of a lifetime.  When selecting a support crew, it is important to select close friends and family to share these heightened experiences.  The Dog Team is made up of some of Cave Dog's closest friends from all parts of his life.  It has been incredible to see them get together and work toward a seemingly insurmountable goal that comes together in the end.

The Dog Team consists of an interesting and active cast of characters from artists to retirees, from doctors to vagabonds, from nationally acclaimed photographers to best selling authors, from rock climbing guides to sea kayaking guides, from teachers to engineers, from PhDs to MDs to MAs to JDs.  The Dog Team also has members who are nationally honored ultrarunners, adventurers, and record holders in their own right.  The ages have ranged from 14 to 72.

These challenges are unusual events.  Nearly everyone is out of one's element.  Some members of the team have made dramatic improvements in skills and confidence.  It has been amazing to see each of The Dog Team members grow and become inspired by these challenges.  Here are a couple of notes from Dog Team members:

"i've started looking at early anthropological photography and illustrations of early expeditions ( mostly in the pacific northwest and canada such as the jessup expedition) and i think it may be a direct influence of participating in "the dog team" - there is something in the psychology of adventure, discovery and creation in the intense weeks in the Adirondacks and white mountains that has fascinated me and effected the way i work in my studio. i love it.  keep me informed" [sic]
-Iron Dog, graduate student in fine arts, age 25, Ellsworth, ME
"You've touched my spirit and I am ready to "Live the Dream" .  (Better late than never.)" [sic]
-Snow Dog, international economics consultant, age 55, Keene Valley, NY
"It is high adventure.  I wouldn't miss it for the world."
-Rad Dog, radiologist, age 41, Coos Bay, Oregon
As we have traveled around the country to challenge more records, The Dog Team members have built up shared experiences apart from Cave Dog.  In the selection of The Dog Team, we have also included many local experts in each area.  This has tied our efforts to the local community and added new members to the team.  There are now some ninety members of The Dog Team.  Here is the full Dog Team, roughly in the order of when they gained their dog names:
Dog Handle
Also Known As
Scurv E. Dawg
Kurt Yessak
Cave Dog
Ted E. Keizer
Rad Dog
P.J. Keizer
Sea Dog
Ross Workhoven
Burns Dog
Eric Freeman
Lady Dog
Tanya Dix
Tech Dog
Alan Laird
Perro Negro
Marco Diaz
Book Dog
Gerry Roach
Eco Dog
Danelle Ballengee
Good Dog
Jason Goodson
Iron Dog
Vivian Beer
Dacks Dog
Erica Loher
Brute Dog
Colin Loher
Richard Kelly
Base Dog
Joan Kelly
Slo Dog
Terry Finnan
Ski Dog
Vikki Finnan
Roque Dog
Bill LaRoque
Gold Dog
Bill Stowe
Groove Dog
Mike Guerette
Herb Dog
Brendan Kelly
Dingo Dog
Jeff Wagener
Two Dog
Nancie Battaglia
Snow Dog
Marsha Finnan
Al Dog
Al Sochard
Saucy Dog
Sue Johnston
Yankee Dog
Robert Williams
D Dog
Anne Eldridge
Deputy Dog
John Rothchild
Salty Dog
Hal Rhubart
Hungry Dog
Brian Finke
Pup Dog
Lisa Daniels
Dippity Do Dog
Travis Dunn
Night Dog
Ralph Ryndak
Crazy Dog
Deb James
Kat Dog
Kathy Kelly
Dura Dog
Inge Aiken
Papa Dog
Phil Keizer
Sugar Dog
Ann Sulzer
Houn' Dog
Tom Sanders
Silver Dog
Rob Resnick
Cheetah Dog
Ronna Resnick
Don Walton
Bone Dog
Murray Greenspan
Lap Dog
Carol Greenspan
Love Dog
Les Love
Inn Dog
Chuck Brown
 Zen Dog
Barbara de Loache
Resa Johnson
Backpacker Dog
Mike Lanza
Chilly Dog
Jess Lord
Silly Dog
Andrea Nuneviller
Rus Dog
Elena Keizer
Lucky Dog
Paul Lavoie
AlpineSummit Dog
Bruce Anderson
Ant Dog
Anthony DiEmidio
Wood Dog
John Eugair
Solstice Dog
Beverly Hackett
Hamz Dog
Jamie Hunsberger
Crafty Dog
Aimee Nuneviller
Hunting Dog
Mike Myers
Bird Dog
Michelle Kingsbury
Geek Dog
Tony Marge
Brian D'Amour
Trail Dog
Andrew Thompson
Under Dog
Dan Schwachter
Slug Dog
Serena Bishop
Stray Dog
Howard Kronish
Lead Dog
John Keizer
Wittle Dog
Anna Weeks
Puppy Dog
Mara Weeks
Princess Dog
Ella Weeks
Spy Dog
Alex Thrift
Truck Dog
Charlie Thrift
Hot Diggity Dog
Karen Thrift
Surf Dog
Zach Rudland
 Zion Dog
Brett Thompson
 Dacker Dog
Zack Grossman
Fog Dog
Robin Wageman
Nick Fiori
Prairie Dog
Rob Wood
Kraut Dog
Kevin O'Neill
Red Bull Dog
John Gimler
Crag Dog
Brett Rindt
Hoosier Dog
Adam McFarren
Brew Dog
Mike Dobies
Shark Dog
Joan Young
Gimp Dog
Andy Mytys
 Law Dog
Roy Kranz
Corn Dog
Eric Doyle
Bad Dog
Ben Pedersen
Si Dog
Paul Haan
Hoon Dog
Lynne Durham
Boone Dog
David Harper
Guide Dog
Chris Wedge
Mu Dog
Matt Kirk
Lab Dog
Dave Williamson
Mo Dog
Kelly Morris
Honey Dog
Heather Haggerty
Admiral Dog
George Fitch
Lazy D Dog
Janan Hamm
Very Slow Dog
Loretta Lavoie
Easy Dog
Nick Batz

Support Vehicles and Base Camps
RV Mobile Base Camp
4 X 4 Support Vehicle
Errand Car Support Vehicle
Backup 4 X 4 Support Vehicle
The Dog Pound
Base Camp
The Dog House
Support Van

Real Dogs
Hank the Dog
Wilbur the Dog
Two Dog's Dog
Bonnie the Dog
Clyde the Dog
Joe the Dog
Roscoe the Dog
Uwharrie the Dog

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