Scouting and Routefinding

 Pin Pin and Cave Dog

Cave Dog bumped into Pin Pin on the way up to Colvin.  Pin Pin gave some valuable routefinding pointers right from the trail.

Base Camp

Base Camp

The Adog and Base Dog were extremely generous to let Sea Dog and Cave Dog set up a base camp in their Adirondack Leanto.

Going over Maps with Roque Dog

Going over the maps with Roque Dog

.Cave Dog and Sea Dog Starting Training

Cave Dog and Sea Dog just before embarking on their first Adirondacks high peak, Marcy.

Mountaineer Blazes on the Giant Trail

Mountaineer Blazes on the Giant Trail

Sometimes one can find a route by following mountaineer blazes, scratches left in the bedrock from mountaineers' snowshoes and crampons.

Cave Dog with JBL Elk

Cave Dog with the JBL Elk

Not being a native species to the area, no one is quite sure why JBL ended up in the Johns Brooks Loj.  Cave Dog and Sea Dog spent three wonderful days in the loj scouting out the Great Range

Cave Dog and Sea Dog Going over the Map

Cave Dog and Sea Dog in the Adirondacks Loj making preliminary measurements of various route possibilities.
 Cave Dog with Phone on Gothics

Unfortunately, while coordinating and recruiting support crew, making gear orders and reservations, and researching the area, oftentimes Cave Dog can only get reception on the top of peaks, such as Gothics.
Cave Dog and Sea Dog Earting Spam at JBL

Cave Dog and Sea Dog chowing down on some much needed nutrients, Spam, on JBL's deck.

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