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Under Dog, Crag Dog, Sea Dog, Cave Dog
Allegheny Front Trail, Pennsylvania


Under Dog-Dan Schwachter, Cameraman



Sea Dog-Ross Workhoven, Sea Kayaker

Sea Dog and Cave Dog have been friends ever since Sea Dog moved next door to Cave Dog when they were both two years old in Coos Bay, Oregon.  They were often found mixed up in some shenanigans with the other neighbor kids.  Sometimes it seemed that they lived atop the tall pine trees between their homes.  In Junior High, they shared many of the same classes.  In addition, Sea Dog was instrumental in helping Cave Dog in his many political campaigns to come.  By Junior year in high school, Sea Dog, Cave Dog, and Good Dog began to pal around and the ties between the three of them would be formed into a life long friendship. 

After high school, Sea Dog went to College at Western Oregon State for a year, and finished his Outdoor Education Degree at Northland College in Wisconsin.  Throughout his college years, Sea Dog built upon his love for the wilderness.  He took jobs as a backcountry ranger in the Sky Lakes Wilderness, guided in the Oregon Caves, and spent two months backpacking in Kenya with Good Dog.  However, it was in Wisconsin that Sea Dog found his true passion, sea kayaking.  Since that time he has been employed as a kayaking guide in both Lake Superior and on the coast of Maine.  Like Cave Dog, Sea Dog is a constant wanderer, but he currently lives in Portland, Oregon.  His love for the water has renewed his appreciation for the outdoors.

During the Mighty Mountain Megamarathon(M4), Sea Dog was the primary driver of Myrtle.  He was also in charge of all electronics and photography.

In the summer of 2001, Cave Dog lived with Sea Dog in Bar Harbor, Maine.  Cave Dog joined Sea Dog guiding sea kayaking trips for a local outfitter.  Bar Harbor is a mecca for sea kayaking and a great place to improve one's skills.  It has become a regional base camp for Cave Dog and was a home for Sea Dog.

That fall, the two of them moved out to the Adirondacks to scout out the High Peaks region for the upcoming challenge.  Sea Dog was Cave Dog's constant hiking companion and helped him consume a can of Spam at the culmination of every summit victory.  Sea Dog gained a great appreciation for the Adirondacks and has enjoyed coming back.  During the Adirondack challenge, Sea Dog was in charge of driving support.  He also did some hiking support in the Great Range.

In Southern Appalachians, Sea Dog did some of the more remote hiking support and helped out with car support.  Sea Dog was also in charge of the photography.  Sea Dog also ran about sixteen miles with Cave Dog to help break up the monontony of Cave Dog's marathon road run between the last two mountain ranges.

During the Duofold Hike 50 Challenge, Sea Dog was Cave Dog's primary hiking support.  Sea Dog often valiantly, selflessly, and sometimes singlehandedly took it upon himself to do everything for Cave Dog so that Cave Dog could focus on the long miles and countless interviews.


Crag Dog-Brett Rindt,


Surf Dog-Zach Rudland, 


Red Bull Dog-John Gimler, Driver



Cave Dog-Ted E. Keizer, Bum

Cave Dog grew up in Coos Bay, Oregon.  He graduated from Brown University in 1994 with degrees in Geology Biology and Political Science.  While at Brown, he was elected Student Body President.  He was also voted by his class to lead their graduation procession.  After college, Cave Dog was tracked for a life in politics when he decided that he needed to experience life before he could write and vote on laws.  So, he set out to do his own study of society, people, and nature.  Since that time he has visited all of the states, in fact, multiple times.  He has lived and worked in fourteen states, Indian country, the inner city, and the woods.  Hot air balloon pilot, hotel accountant, steel construction, shoveling snow off roofs, enumerator, moving man, high school teacher, and ambulance driver are just a few of the means of employment he has tried.  His only restriction is that he never does the same job twice.  Being an outdoor enthusiast from an early age, he has visited 145 National Park sites.  In addition, he did a 31 day solo in Glacier National Park, Montana, under winter conditions and paddled the 325 mile Maine Island Trail with Groove Dog.  He loves all forms of hiking from the peaks to the canyons, from the swamps to the desert, from the woods to the tundra.  Most of all he loves the wildlife and the wildflowers.

Cave Dog has also set eight records:  the Mighty Mountain Megamarathon(M 4 ) by climbing all of the Colorado 14ers in 10 days, 20 hours, 26 minutes; the Marshall Mountain Maddness Ultramarathon(M 3 ) by climbing all of the Adirondack 46 High Peaks in 3 days, 18 hours, 14 minutes; the Wild Whites Ultramarathon(W2) by climbing all of New Hampshire's 48 White Mountain Four Thousand Footers in 3 days, 17 hours, 21 minutes; the Crazed Catskills Ultramarathon by climbing all of the Catskill High Peaks(C2) in 2 days, 15 hours, 24 minutes; the Barkley Marathons in Tennessee by setting a course record of 2 days, 8 hours, 57 minutes; the South Beyond Insanity Ultramarathon by climbing all 40 of Western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee's Six Thousand Footers in 4 days, 23 hours, and 28 minutes; the Long Trail Record by hiking from Canada to Massachusetts over the Green Mountains of Vermont in 4 days, 13 hours, and 15 minutes; and the Duofold Hike 50 Challenge by being the first person to do a 50 kilometer hike in all 50 states in less than 75 days.

During the Duofold Hike 50 Challenge, Cave Dog hiked, fielded media interviews, wrote up daily logs, and not much else.

The Kennel-The Duofold RV

Duofold provided a fully loaded RV as a mobile base camp by which The Dog Team could cook, sleep, and shower.  The Kennel performed marvelously. 

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