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The Dog Team invites you and other outdoor enthusiasts to join us on the trails as we attempt to set a world record.  Our goal is to do a 50 kilometer hike in all 50 states in less than 100 days.

As a tribute to Bob Marshall, a cult hero of the conservation and environmental movement, The Dog Team has partnered up with Duofold to complete the Duofold Hike 50 Challenge, which will bring us to all fifty states between September 15th and November 29th.  Cave Dog will be hiking the crown jewels of our nationís trails, reflecting the diversity of the environment of the U.S.: hiking over sand dunes in Colorado, wading through a swamp in Florida, climbing snow clad mountaintops in New York, admiring glaciers on the Iditarod Trail of Alaska, and hiking in a tropical paradise along the coast of Kauai in Hawaii.  The Outdoor Life Network (OLN) will be filming our travels down the trails of our country, capturing our attempt at this world record.  A documentary of this endeavor will air on national television this winter.

Most importantly, we would like to share the experience with other hikers, runners, or walkers along the way to truly celebrate Bob Marshallís ideals and belief in the environment.  We are inviting anyone that is excited about our project to come join us on the trail.  Cave Dog will be targeting a three mile an hour pace.  However, you do not have to hike to get involved, we can use support everywhere along the way.  Anyone that would like to hike with Cave Dog for a mile or five, ten, or even all 30 plus miles is welcome, as Duofold and The Dog Team set out to celebrate Bob Marshall and our nationís wildernesses and diversity of landscapes. 

Bob Marshall was a leader of what was a fairly new concept of wilderness preservation at the turn of the last century and was a fascinating character, passionate about his every endeavor.  Marshall was the first to explore much of the Brooks Range in Alaska and 600 names on our maps today were coined by him.  He also founded the Wilderness Society and gave it the financial footing to be a significant organization even today.  Marshall also helped with the planning of the new National Park System and the new Appalachian Trail while working with the US Forest Service. He loved long day hikes which he considered to be a hike of 30 miles or more.  As he traveled around the country looking at national forests, he set a lifelong goal to do a 30 plus mile day hike in every state.  He got close, into the low forties, when he died at the untimely age of 38 in 1939.  This project has remained unfinished since that time.  As a tribute to him, we hope to complete his dream by working with Duofold this fall to complete 50 km in 50 states.

The Dog Team would like to invite you to participate by joining our hikes.  Most of the hikes will start around 8:00 am; however, due to the nature of the endeavor, flexibility is a necessity.  Please join us by hiking with Cave Dog for awhile or by letting other people know about this opportunity.  More details will be on this website,, and on   We begin our hiking in Oregon and make our way east across the country, finishing on November 28th in Lake Placid, New York.  Feel free to email us or check on our website for more detailed information about this exciting adventure and how you can catch us on the trail.

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