Perro Negro Working on His Jeep

Perro Negro in his natural habitat

Cave Dog with Remote Internet Connection

The Dog Team rigged the computer to the mobile phone so that this website could be updated from the field

Scurv E. Dawg Cooking

Scurv E. Dawg did all of the cooking for the summer and the challenge.  Notice the new roof ornament, a muffler, curtsey of the South Colony road.

Josephine being Towed

Josephine spent most of the summer being towed or repaired by Perro Negro.  Here some rough and tumble gold miners backed Josephine down the road up to Antero.

Cave Dog in the Tent

Cave Dog in the West Wing of the little tent.

Cave Dog and the Rocky Road

Some how Cave Dog high centered Josephine on top of this boulder.

Tent with the Needle

Our view from the tent in South Colony of the Needle.

Cave Dog with ATV near Lake Como

ATVs were used to scout out the Blanca Group.

Cave Dog and Josephine

Cave Dog enjoying a gourmet birthday meal by Scurv E. Dawg.

Scurv E. Dawg and Perro Negro with Josephine

Perro Negro and Scurv E. Dawg raising Josephine a few inches.

Cave Dog on the Train

The scenic train from Silverton to Durango was used to gain access to the Eolus Group.

Scurv E. Dawg and Cave Dog Cooking

Scurv E. Dawg and Cave Dog paused a moment from the climbing to make a little extra funds for the effort by catering.

The Tent on Castle

The den in the woods.

Cave Dog's Injured Toe

While scouting out a possible short cut on Eolus's Southeast Face at the end of July, Cave Dog's left big toe was crushed by a two foot long falling boulder.  He could not walk on it for nearly a week and was concerned it might prevent his challenging the record.  Fortunately, it turned out to not be broken; however, the toe would temporarily go numb during subsequent climbs.  Cave Dog lost all feeling in the toe during the challenge and for another three and half months.

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