Pushing for the Finish

Cave Dog and Eco Dog

Cave Dog preparing to climb Grays, Torreys, Bierstadt, and Evans accompanied by the women's 14ers record holder Danelle Ballengee(Eco Dog) 

Cave Dog and Eco Dog near Guanella Pass

Checking the time as they finish up Evans.

News Van

Mike Harper, photographer for channel 5/30 Eyewitness News, trying to keep up with Cave Dog on Pikes Peak

Burns Dog and Scurv E. Dawg Dancing on Pikes Peak

Burns Dog and Scurv E. Dawg have a minicelebration on top of Pikes Peak, the second to last peak

Scurv E. Dawg with Pikes Peak Sign

Scurv E. Dawg at a photo pit stop on Pikes Peak

Lady Dog with Myrtle on Pikes Peak

Sea Dog caught a rare photo of Lady Dog

Cave Dog on Pikes Peak

Cave Dog running down Pikes Peak

Cave Dog on Pikes Peak

Cave Dog flying past.

Finish Line

Cave Dog with members of the Dog Team at the finish line on Longs Peak.  With Cave Dog are: Sea Dog, Rad Dog, and Scurv E. Dawg.

Cave Dog during Celebration

Cave Dog calling his family at 4 am to tell them about his new record

The Day After

Waking up

Rad Dog and Cave Dog the Day After

Cave Dog with his brother Rad Dog, the morning after making the new record of 10 days, 20 hours, 26 minutes

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