Good Times and Bad Times

Cave Dog and Rad Dog after being Chased Off Pyramid

Taken just after Cave Dog was chased off the Pyramid due to snow.

Torn Glove

These are the gloves Cave Dog had during the snowstorm on the Pyramid


Team Protein

Lady Dog and Burns Dog on the Website

This web page in the making

Cave Dog at Clohesy Lake

After hiking Huron, Cave Dog wanted rest.  His sleeping bag was unavailable; so, he was bundled up in all the available clothing.

Scurv E. Dawg Fixing a Flat Tire

On the way back from refueling Cave Dog at the base of Huron, Myrtle blew a tire.  Scurv E. Dawg is seen changing the tire.

Sea Dog and Myrtle

Sea dog and Myrtle after fixing the tire.

Cave Dog Using the Wooden Spoon

Between Columbia and Yale eating utensils were forgotten so Cave Dog made do with a carved stick.


Things are down to the wire!! We have a countdown chart attached to the wall to help Cave Dog feel like the end is near. As you can see, when this picture was taken Cave Dog had only 8 mountains to go.  Above and below the chart are inspirational pictures sent by two of Cave Dog's nieces, Laura age 5 and Karen age 3, along with some great cookies baked by his sister, Lisa

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