Packing Up the Kennel

Packing up

The Stove Handoff

Scurv E. Dawg antes up the camp stove he bet Cave Dog should he break the record

Lady Dog Updating the Website

Lady Dog busy updating

Book Dog, Cave Dog, and Tyle Smith

Gerry Roach and Tyle Smith invite Cave Dog to a story telling session

Gabriela Manjarrez and Cave Dog

Gabriela Manjarrez from Mexico City has announced her intentions to scout out the Fourteeners for a possible challenge of the record

Cave Dog, Joe Reschke, and Rick Trujillo

Rick Trujillo and Cave Dog join a celebration for the oldest finisher of the Imogene Pass Run, Joe Reschke at age 78

Sea Dog at DIA

Sea Dog at DIA, heading back to the sea

Perro Negro and Scurv E. Dawg Cooking

Perro Negro and Scurv E. Dawg back at work

Cave Dog in Albuquerque

Cave Dog got an onslaught of media interviews.  Even escaping to Albuquerque for some sun and recuperation was not far enough.

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